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Obama feeling pressure of oil spill shake down by Louisiana politicians

Sure the gulf oil spill has been a tragedy. Everyone in the Obama administration from Eric Holder to Bo knows that. That’s why the administration is inviting the families of the 11 victims to the White House. But nobody expected in their wildest dreams for the Obama administration to be facing the anger and frustration that is being shown by Louisiana residents at the Obama administration. After all, most of these MMS policies to regulate oil and gas fell apart during the last administration.

Now Obama faces what many are calling the "Oil Spill Shake Down". I team of Louisiana politicians have banded together to raise the stakes a little. It has given the Obama administration fits over the last several weeks. Even though they have turned the tide on other policy concerns like immigration. So how does Obama free himself from these Bayou Bandits determined to blame the Obama administration it seems for everything that is wrong in the state?

Some whispers are coming out of Washington that the answer lies in accountability. Fiscal responsibility for any handouts given by the federal government. This might even include watching to make sure the money handed out by BP is not wasted. If there’s one Achilles heal for Louisiana politicians. It has to be money management and corruption. Washington might just dump as much money on the Gulf Coast as they can handle and then watch as they sink in it. As improprieties and good old boy deals start to propagate.

The only thing that has stopped this from reaching the noise level of Health Care is the internet. As webmasters well know the search engine company known as Google has been doing restructuring behind the scenes. Soon to roll out a new model called Caffeine. I guess it will keep you up all night. While they do that, they place the web on a sort of autopilot. News does not travel as fast as it did during health care and it does not propagate as much. It also slows down how far a Twitter Tweet will go.

Remember Desiree Rogers?, that’s the last time the Google system was on full blast.

It has given the Obama administration a well deserved rest. Without the internet to keep stories such as the nomination of Elena Kagan fresh. The news cycles do not last as long. So mainstream media has been trying to pick up the slack. They don’t work as fast when their producers do not have thousands of fresh ideas to choose from off the internet. Probably the main reason the gulf coast oil spill has shown some legs is the James Carville piece that was done on ABC’s Good Morning America. He didn’t do the Obama administration any favors with that stunt.

Original Article: Can President Obama fade oil spill shake down by Louisiana politicians?

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