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MV Rachel Corrie – Reported Seized by Israeli Warships

Update at 1:30 AM Eastern: Good reports that the Rachel Corrie is visible from the beach in Gaza but also that while unboarded until now, the IDF has now challenged and said they must sail to Ashdod, MV Rachel Corrie said no. We’re watching the latest and sharing in comments …

Update at 12AM Eastern: News is very confused with latest reports that the ship has not been boarded and continues towards Gaza but with two Israeli warships shadowing. We’re updating as we get news in comments.

8 PM Eastern: Latest word is that the Israeli warships have approached the MV Rachel Corrie about 35 miles offshore from Gaza . Reports are clearly a bit haphazard since we do not have live video from the ship as of 7:50 PM Eastern, but Free Gaza is reporting on twitter:

Reports from Malaysians that the Rachel Corrie has been taken by the Israeli navy who has boarded the ship. #Flotilla

And now, the following:

No struggle or injuries, but the Rachel Corrie has been captured. Communications jammed. Report from Irish radio. #Flotilla 4 minutes ago via web

For the news up to now, read the comments on Edward Teller’s Seminal diary here and to join us in liveblogging events on the MV Rachel Corrie overnight, please join us in the comments below.

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