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Let’s Stop Fooling Ourselves

For nearly a week I’ve resisted putting this up. But given things like this and this, it’s time to face facts: BP will declare bankruptcy, Hayward and His Criminal Gang will float on golden parachutes to rest-of-their-lives exile on palatial island mountain estates, and we commoners will be left to deal with the effects of this catastrophe. Cancer. Poisoned food. Black tides.

If we seriously think BP’s accountants are not already ciphering the costs of the cleanup versus the company’s profit potential; or that its legal team are not already plotting their masters’ escapes; or that these people give one shit about anything other than "getting their lives back" – we are kidding ourselves.

It may seem insensitive to take bets on when BP will abscond, but it will happen – and the quicker we accept the inevitability of it, the better.

So let’s get real.

I say October 3. By then it will be clear the relief wells have not worked, that further attempts will likely meet the same fate, and that the soiling of 2/3 of the United States coastline is inevitable.

What say you?

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Anthony Noel

Anthony Noel