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Ed Koch Calls Jeremy Scahill a Terrorist Supporter for Defending Children

Onscreen, Ed Koch’s stupidest statement in this interview was when he responded to Jeremy Scahill’s question about how a goat or a horse or a children’s toy would be used as rocket to hit Israel by saying only, “that’s nonsense.” Or maybe when Koch said, in response to Scahill’s question whether Hamas’ refusal to recognize Israel justified strangling children, “Don’t tell me children!”

But his most troubling comment came during the commercial break–apparently Koch was too chicken to say it publicly.

During the break on MSNBC, Ed Koch called me a “terrorist supporter” I said, “Say it on the air.”

Update: Here’s Scahill’s post on the exchange, including a link to the list of items prohibited by the blockade, including:

  • sage
  • cardamom
  • cumin
  • coriander
  • ginger
  • nutmeg
  • chocolate
  • seeds and nuts
  • fishing rods
  • various fishing nets
  • fabric (for clothing)
  • sewing machines and spare parts
  • size A4 paper
  • writing implements
  • notebooks
  • razors
  • toys
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