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BP Payments: “It’s Really Nothing, But It’s Nice of Them Doing It”

Louisiana fisherman Raleigh Lasseigne, whom I introduced to the FDL community in a video last night, as well as his wife earlier this morning, received a $5,000 check from BP after the oil disaster struck. I asked him what he thought about that compensation.

“BP done gave us something already, gave us $5,000…but that’s really, it’s really nothing,” said Raleigh. “It’s nice of them doing it, but it’s really nothing. Because it’s not just a one month thing we got coming with that oil. We’re there we don’t know how many years.”

Raleigh says that the one-time compensation doesn’t begin to take care of the years-long effects of the disaster. “They gave us $5,000, but that really don’t mean too, too much if we’re going to be 10 years out of business.”

He also compared the responses of BP’s oil disaster with a leak from an Exxon pipe in the Gulf that hit his oyster beds. While Exxon had someone in touch and were cleaning up his beds the day after the leak, Raleigh got lawyers involved before he ever heard from BP.

Watch the video:

Sign our petition to the Senate: make BP pay every penny for its destruction of the Gulf.


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