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BP Oil Spill, News You May Have Missed

The BP oil spill.
IMHO, we need to shout these facts out until everyone knows them.

Before the explosion, BP
1. Using a blowout preventer with known mechanical faults.
2. Faking the pressure tests, that indicate integrity.
3. Skipping the safety procedures and not filling the well with mud.


You may have seen analysis on how the booming effort is a joke. Watch this and be informed. Just skip the first two minutes.

Finally I have a video Titled "Obama gives speech in front of actors posing as beach workers. "

Would BP hire hundreds of workers just so Obama could stand in front of them and tell Americans that Obama is helping? It’s a short Anderson Cooper video and well worth watching. Link above this paragraph.

Thanks for reading FDL people!

OH! One more video you will like!
Maddow reports how this oil spill, is very similar to an earlier disaster thirty years ago. Very good!

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