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Right Wingers Reflexively Defend Israel, Bash Obama

by hoyasmeg

Because it’s always “Israel, right or wrong” with the American Likudniks, aka “conservatives.”


Israel should continue the Gaza blockade for as long as it thinks its security requires it. They are our enemies, too. I’m pretty sure that most Israelis know the score, and I think most Americans do. The Obama administration? I’m not so sure.


Having been too meek on too many fronts for too long, it’s a good opportunity for American Jewry to step up to the plate and take on that task — and be prepared to also take on the administration should Obama be less than fulsome in his support of Israel’s right of self-defense.

Right Wing Nuthouse:

But on the White House website ? Not a whisper. Not a blog post. Nothing. This is to be expected. It takes time to craft a statement that stabs your best ally in the back without making it appear that you are doing so.

Nothing like invoking Der Dolchstoßlegende in a pro-Israeli/anti-American rant. Apparently, the irony is lost.

Every time something like this happens, I’m always amazed that America’s “conservatives” — who love to wrap themselves in the flag and brag about how patriotic they are — automatically side with a foreign government over their own.

It’s deeply bizarre.

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