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Join Me and Cory Booker, Dan Ellsberg, Craig Newmark & Newt Gingrich at PDF

Cory Booker

I love the Personal Democracy Forum, which happens on Thursday and Friday of this week in New York. Organized by Micah Sifry and Andrew Raseij of Tech President, it always attracts an interesting group of thinkers and activists from diverse disciplines and political perspectives from around the world.

Two years ago I remember sitting in the auditorium balcony at PDF while Elizabeth Edwards was speaking via Skype on an enormous screen. I was fussing with some new phone someone had handed me when I suddenly heard Elizabeth say something like “… turned us down, I think it was Jane Hamsher.” I had to discreetly tap a couple of people and ask “what the heck was that?” Someone had asked her about the early tempest in a teapot over the bloggers hired by the Edwards campaign. They said she couldn’t remember, but thought that she had offered me the job first, and I’d turned her down. I emailed Elizabeth: “It wasn’t me!” She emailed back “I didn’t think it was, but it was someone with good sense.”

I’m going to be a keynote speaker this Thursday morning, along with John Perry Barlow, Clay Johnson, Eli Pariser, Newt Gingrich and Anil Dash. We’ll all be giving short talk on “Can the Internet Fix Politics?” I’ll also be on a panel on Friday afternoon along with Patrick Ruffini, Taegan Goddard and Lisa Stone, talking about “The Enduring Importance of Blogs as Organizing Hubs.” And Cory Booker will be the closing speaker on Friday

Registration closes at 1pm ET today. You can get $100 off by registering here and using the code FIREDOGLAKE.

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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