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Live Blogging the Gaza Flotilla’s Run to the Gaza Coast Or ….

It will soon be dawn on the Eastern Mediterranean, and unless the Israeli Navy has ventured far out into international waters to intercept the boats and ships, the run to the coast should begin soon:

The live streaming isn’t at a host that I can download to The Seminal, but here’s the link.

Here is a link to’s twitter page.

The live video feed went blank about four hours ago. For a while, there was test pattern, then blank screen with the little round logo on it. The twitter feed has not been updated in over seven hours. Maybe everyone is just asleep. Hopefully, there are very active watches at the rails and on the radars.

It is 5:05 a.m. in Cairo and Tel Aviv right now. First light comes at just before 6:00 a.m. there.

I’ll bring more information to this post as comments, as the day there unfolds. I’ll try to remain here until the vessels either run the blockade or are intercepted and captured.

The best articles to have appeared on Saturday did not come from the American Press. BBC did a video scene that shows they have reporters in Gaza, on a ship in the flotilla, and near the detention facility the Israelis have set up in the port of Ashdod.

The most recent story, posted minutes ago in the Jerusalem Post, by Yaakov Katz, reports the following:

The Israel Navy was gearing up on Saturday night for what could become a dramatic showdown with five protest ships on their way to test the blockade of the Gaza Strip.

Technical difficulties held up the fleet, which was initially scheduled to arrive off the Gaza coast on Saturday but is now expected on Sunday. While eight ships were initially scheduled to sail to Gaza, in the end a total of five ships were reported to be on their way after three suffered technical malfunctions.

One of the highest profile figures on the ships is Balad MK Haneen Zoabi, who said she was proud to do her part to end what she called a siege on Gaza. Right-wing MKs called for Zoabi’s arrest and ouster from the Knesset.

“Zoabi is working together with Israel’s enemies to encourage terrorism and harm Israel’s image internationally, and these acts constitute treason,” Likud MK Danny Danon wrote to Attorney-General Yehuda Weinstein in his request for him to order Zoabi’s arrest upon her arrival in Israel.

Part of the delay was caused by difficulties the organizers encountered in trying to have two dozen more would-be passengers, including 19 European legislators and a Holocaust survivor, join the ships anchored in international waters off Cyprus. The Cypriot government did not allow smaller boats to ferry the group to the flotilla.

Authorities in Cyprus said the decision was made to protect the island’s “vital interests,” including economic ties with Israel.

Organizers then appealed to the Turkish government to get the group out via a Turkish-controlled northern Cyprus port. Turkish Cypriot officials have said they want to help the group as much as they can.

In addition to encountering diplomatic obstacles and mechanical problems, the ships reportedly lost their satellite phone connections twice.

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said on Friday that Israel would not allow the protest ships to violate its sovereignty, and that they would be stopped.

Let’s hope and pray nobody gets hurt.

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