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Impeach Lincoln!

(photo by ChadH via Flickr)

The Republicans are taking their Texas School Board approved history to ever lamer heights.

“Hitler loved gay soldiers”, says Bryan Fischer head of the American Family Association, “so we cannot repeal DADT”. Yeah Bryan, Hitler loved gay people so much he gave ’em their own uniforms.

“Obama’s in bed with the Oil Industry”, says Sarah “Drill-Baby-Drill” Palin, who apparently doesn’t appreciate other politicians getting, at best, sloppy seconds.

And now, self-described not crazy Republican (damning self-praise) Darrell Issa thinks it’s always criminal to offer politicians political jobs, so they don’t run against you or your guy. In which case Mr. Issa better get out a bill to take down the Lincoln Memorial.

Because in the Summer of 1864 to secure his renomination and placate the left-wing of the Republican Party (hard to believe there was such a time) Lincoln dangled the name of his former Treasury Secretary and major nomination challenger Salmon Chase as being a good replacement for dying Chief Justice Roger B. Taney. Shortly after reelection he did so. Quid pro Quo ladies and gentlemen.

So, Mr. Issa, when are you going to move to take down that memorial?

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