Michelle Malkin to share child-stalking tips so America can stalk baby Trigger and also Justin Bieber who is soooo cute

I’m crashing on/bumping up against/being threatened at gunpoint by a deadline to go to a baseball event this afternoon, so let me see if I can wrap this one up in shiny package of stupidage.

Michelle Malkin wants Todd “Not First Dude” Palin to control our borders because he built this totally awesome  foreigner-proof fence to keep notorious Mexican pedophile Jose McGinnis from watching Todd and Greta van Susteren fucking on Piper Palin’s trampoline in the backyard while the Palin kids (Piper, Bankshot, and Methylene)  are busy  at their Touch Trig For A Dollar booth out front by the curb. The construction of the fence (seen over there) has all the hallmarks of quality  we have come to expect from British Petroleum,  Todd Palin’s former employer.

Later today (probably about the fourth inning for me) Michelle Malkin will share stalking tips:

You’ve no doubt read about the Palin family’s snoopy new neighbor, author Joe McGinniss, who has rented a house 15 feet from the Palins’ backyard to conduct binocular-aided research for his Random House book. I’ll share more thoughts later on the media ethics issues and media double standards involved.

…based upon her diary entries  from that time when she stalked a twelve-year old boy.

Let’s see…also, too, the house next door to the Palin’s used to be filled with reformed drug addicts:

The home Joe McGinniss is renting used to be an Oxford House from 2005 until 2008. The tenants were men recently released from prison who were recovering addicts.

…but Rush Limbaugh and Larry Kudlow kept the music down and they “shared” so it was all good.

Lastly it appears that the Joe McGinnis is able to live next door, where he will watch SARAH PALIN DRINK MILK STRAIGHT FROM THE CARTON! and pull her panties from her buttcrack, because of the great vengeance and furious anger of the owner who hates screeching snowtrash Sarah Palin as much as most of  America does, probably more for good reason:

“No one is stalking anyone,” Joe McGinniss, Jr., a novelist whose father is the non-fiction writer, wrote in response to an email from a Palin supporter who confused his email address and his father’s. (He shared the email with me.) “A woman was renting her house and sought out the author because the Palins had crossed her (owed her money for renovations she had done at their request and never paid her for). So she knew McGinniss was writing the book and found him and offered him the house.”

Ha ha. So neighbor-lady is fucking Sarah Palin and not in the way that forces Rich Lowry and Matthew Continetti to give each other sad unsatisfying dutch-rudders.

The end.

Oh. Play ball!

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