This dairy was posted by a friend of mine on Docudharma and then e-mailed to me… It is re-posted here with his permission because I thought this important…….

I have been thinking for some time now about the reasons the word "poor" is all but excluded from American political discourse. What I came realize is that this is a brilliantly calculated maneuver of peasant control. The same reason that the upper class in America, Republicans and Democrats, can so successfully fool people into voting against their interests is the same reason we never hear the words "working class". This is because it is beneficial to the upper class that everyone below them believe that they ALL are middle classSince the official burial of Marxism we aren’t supposed to use the term "class war" anymore. However, what the American elite seems to understand is that politics in this nation is ALL about class war. But, just as in the American tradition, this war is being waged on the lower classes not with bullets but with a silent, concentrated campaign of misinformation and division. I won’t try to bore you with the statistics for I am sure you all know how fucking backward the tax structure in this nation is. I just would like to explain how I believe this system is able to exist without nary a significant challenge. It is devilishly simple and, unfortunately, keeps coming back to that old Specter…Marxist Theory.

The greatest indicator of all this is the disappearance of "the poor" from EVERYTHING in America. They are not talked about because the elite want you to believe that there aren’t any poor in America…there are just middle and upper classes. If you are middle class you have something to loose. When you are poor you have nothing to loose. Why would you ever risk your car, job or chance at the dream for some silly pathetic revolutionary action? America loves the idea that ANYONE can become a billionaire and the narrative is that if you work hard enough and go to school America is the only nation that will reward you with a comfortable lifestyle. Maybe you will open up a chain of pizza restaurants and you can become like that asshole Papa John on TV who brings free pizza to MIDDLE CLASS homes. You all know that the more likely scenario is that your chain will be crushed by Papa John and you will end up cleaning his floors for 7.25 an hour. For every mild success story in America there are five hundred shattered dreams. The American elite has masterfully shackled the lower classes with rhetoric to that vision of a lifestyle that they have made you want for yourself.

I was told all my life that I am middle class. I have a Masters Degree, a car, a place to live, a cell phone and a bank account. Those things should make me at LEAST middle class right? Well for how many of you is the following scenario true? One minor catastrophe in your life is enough to crush your chance forever at doing okay in America? One illness, one accident, one arrest, one misfortune of any kind. If there are two incomes in your house and you lose ONE of them how fucked are you? If it would be catastrophic for your family congratulations…you are poor. I know I am. I went to the hospital for complications with my Lyme’s disease and it cost me 9,000 dollars. After getting my useless degrees this was most of my savings.

America doesn’t look after its citizens enough for those of us in this situation to adequately recover from the fucked up shit that happens in life. Why don’t more of us realize this? Because they believe they are middle class and should have enough to get by. The poor work in coal mines and live in the inner cities…They don’t live on your cul de sac. And even though you never hear about them you believe they exist because THERE JUST HAS TO BE SOMEBODY YOU ARE BETTER THAN.

It is the oldest political tool in the world…Compliment the poor into complacency with an impossible dream. Both parties do this. Republicans and Democrats stand shoulder to shoulder on fighting change to Americas tax system. They are successful in this because they never tell you that you are poor and that for many of us the American system isn’t working. That is the elites greatest fear….that the unwashed masses will discover that for many of them, this just isn’t going to work.

That is when real change will come. That is when people when making demands of their political leaders will start ending those demands with the phrase "or else". Provide us with a decent government health care program…"or else". Force these corporations to treat workers fairly…"or else". Kick wall street the fuck out of our elections…"or else". Do something about our sickening income inequality…"or fucking else".

So I say that if you are poor do not shirk behind the label of "middle class". When enough of us realize that the middle class is rapidly loosing all of the political power they had gained since 1900 something will have to be done. The one bright spot is that I believe that the elite in America seriously underestimate just how precarious this situation has become. They can’t perpetuate these lies for ever. They could if the status quo always remained as it is now. But things will get worse. And they more obvious the rape of the American lower classes becomes the harder the lies will be to hide.

I realized this week that I am poor. And you know what? It is kind of refreshing…

Marx was right about one thing for sure…Western capitalist societies will eventually eat themselves. Let’s make sure that when it starts to happen here that we are ready. We can begin by realizing that the American dream isn’t right for most of us…and that it is alright to be poor.