Although Mohamed Atta and his crew of suicide bombers had been identified as al Qaeda terrorists and barred from entering the United States before 9/11, Richard B. Cheney personally issued all of them "special student visas" without further investigation.

And wouldn’t the Democrats be screaming bloody murder if George W. Bush and Richard B. Cheney had personally intervened to make 9/11 possible!

But after Ken Salazar personally intervened in federal court to overturn an injunction against offshore drilling, specifically for the catastrophic well at Mississippi Canyon Block 252…

Democrats just grinned their usual shit-eating grins, and blamed everybody else except Barack Obama.

And that’s the real story.

Obama/Salazar intervened last year to allow BP to drill at Mississippi Canyon Block 252, where tens of millions of gallons of oil are now polluting the Gulf of Mexico.

The actual exploratory drilling was approved by the Obama administration on April 6, 2009.

Within days of the 2009 approval, the Center for Biological Diversity and its allies won a court order vacating the Bush Five-Year Offshore Drilling Plan. Rather than use the court order as a timeout on new offshore oil drilling to develop a new plan, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar filed a special motion with the court to exempt approved oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. He specifically identified BP’s operation as one that should be released from the vacature.

So the system actually worked, and offshore drilling had been shut down around Alaska and in the Gulf of Mexico by the DC Circuit Court of Appeals, but then…

Obama/Salazar intervened in court to start drilling again, in April 2009, without further evironmental review, exactly where Deepwater Horizon exploded and sank.

And just because this is exactly the aspect of the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe that so many Democrats want to forget, I’ll connect those two dots one more time.

1. The federal courts shut down offshore drilling in April 2009.

2. Obama/Salazar intervened to get BP a permit to drill its famous goddamned well.

So why aren’t the Democrats outraged about Obama’s catastrophic irresponsibility?

Let’s ask the most famous Democrat of them all, who once explained a similar conundrum.

"Somoza may be a son of a bitch, but he’s our son of a bitch."

Jacob Freeze

Jacob Freeze

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