BP War Planes Attack US Coast with Chemical Weapon; Coast Guard Helps Enemy Block Clean-Up

BP War Planes Attack US Coast with Chemical Weapon; Coast Guard Helps Enemy Block Clean-Up — by NormanB ("Deviations from the Norm")

Last week, this column exposed BP’s intentional spill of the deadly chemical weapon Corexit, a Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD). Afterward, the US EPA pretended to try to protect the US coast from the WMD. White House press releases lied about the situation, claiming the EPA ordered BP to stop intentionally poisoning US air and water.

BP’s (paraphrased) response came loud and clear. "You’re just the Government: You don’t tell us what to do: We’re BP: We’re Big Oil: We tell you what to do!" BP refused to end its Corexit strafing attacks, which critically worsened the Oil spill. The Corexit attacks dispersed the WMD-and-Oil spill so far that it’s now hitting Florida beaches.

By letting BP continue poisoning our coastal environment with Corexit, the Obama Administration keeps expanding the spill. In the coming weeks, Corexit could kill all coastal marine life on both Florida coasts, and all organisms on the US East coast as far North as Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. Because deadly fluoro-chemical Corexit byproducts apparently killed many giant sea turtles and dolphins, environmentalists warn citizens to avoid all US Atlantic and Gulf beaches this summer. (Or is that ‘Avoid them from now on’?)

After BP’s forceful rebuke of Pres. Obama’s public "demand," the President quickly followed BP’s orders and sent the US Coast Guard to help BP cover up its activities in the Gulf. The Coast Guard is keeping scientists, reporters and environmentalists out of the area, as well as would-be sanitation crews trying to clean up the spill with scientifically sound methods. It’s reminiscent of US troops (under Obama) arresting dissident voters and Journalists in Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s "election."

The Obama Administration banned use of hair or fur to mop up the spill, even though modern science tells us that hair is THE one scientifically valid, environmentally clean way of getting Oil out. Hair soaked with Oil is converted to clean-burning fuel via fungi, using the Paul Stamets method. The US generates 300,000 pounds (136,000 kg) of human hair clippings daily. Pet grooming and llama- and sheep-shearing increase that total. But that’s the clean, safe, scientific way. Obama won’t allow it.

Recently Pres. Obama said he wants US students’ science scores to rise. I can see why! But if more people knew more about science, they’d recognize that Obama’s superstitious pro-Global-Warming policies are anti-scientific. As an Illinois state legislator, Obama voted to condemn the Kyoto Accords, FOR BEING TOO PROTECTIVE of the environment. Everyone else reviewing the Kyoto Accords said they were too weak. Oh, I mean everybody except BP, DuPont, fossil fuel marketers, chemicals companies, and their puppets.

Meanwhile, Pres. Obama appointed DuPont executive and Goldman Sachs confidant William K. Reilly, the Texas Oilman, to co-chair the Blue Ribbon Panel supposedly "investigating" the intentional WMD spill disaster. Reilly already made a mint off BP’s fake clean-up. He’s invested in Corexit, the chemical weapon with which BP is bombing US territorial waters. Corexit is manufactured by a DuPont shadow company.

Reilly was part of President Nixon’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the 1970s. After that, he took over the Conservation Foundation, and then the World Wildlife Fund. (Expect WWF to announce that this is a very nice Oil spill, and the wildlife likes it.)

BP appears to be planning another large explosion on Wednesday, when they will pour cement into high-pressured frozen natural gas slush – the same way they created the earlier explosion called "the accident."
(!!UPDATE: THEY’VE ALREADY DONE IT: Last night after I wrote this, TV news reported that BP ships were already on their way to plant the cement bomb. This morning’s news reports say they’ve already done it, and again, intentionally caused gigantic explosions!!)

BP and the US Coast Guard are powerful, but presumably the US Navy and/or the US Air Force can defeat BP and the Guard, by throwing everything they have at them. US fighter jets can at least shoot down the next attack plane before it strafes our waters again. And if we can find out who’s in charge of the Coast Guard, maybe we can convince him to switch over to our side.


William K. Reilly is with TXU, Texas Utilities. Here’s a link from the Rip-Off Report about his dishonesty there:

And here’s one from FDL about Reilly’s co-chairman on the Cover-Up Panel, Bloody Bob Graham:

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