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Anecdotal Evidence Says Men Putting Toilet Seats Down Won’t Alleviate Women’s Resentments

Woman Disables Device That Automatically Puts Toilet Seat Down

This evening I made a device that automatically puts the toilet seat down after the toilet has been used by a man, with the toilet seat up.  I showed it to my wife and she showed no enthusiasm whatsoever.  First she refused to come and look at it and then she intentionally removed it and refused to put it back in its place, so that the toilet went right back to the status quo ante that she and so many other women harass men about worldwide. When I asked her to show the new device to her daughter, she refused.

Men will get no benefit from installing toilet devices that automatically cause seats to fall into the position that women demand.  Women need the toilet seat up as proof that we men are incorrigibly inconsiderate and relentlessly oppressive.  The toilet seat up, where women hate it, is a powerful metaphor and pervasive evidence for all that is wrong in relationships between men and women.  

So, men, don't try to fix your toilet seat so that it automatically drops down to where your wife says she wants it; the toilet seat is merely the tip of the iceberg, a metaphor for all that is wrong and unjust between men and women.  And if your woman refuses to accept an automatic device, she may have a point. By automating a chore that women know in their hearts men should be responsible for (manually), we men relieve ourselves of a burden at the very time when the women in our lives are most overburdened at work and home.

When men address women's legitimate complaints about their differential roles and status, power and pay in societies, only then will women be willing to allow the installation and function of devices that automatically leave the toilet seat down, in the place where women have said they wanted it all along.

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