Meg Whitman, in her endless quest to be the rightiest of the righties seeking the California GOP nomination, grossly inflated the number of ‘illegal immigrants’ in California prisons in order to try to bolster her deportation credibility with the right-wing of her party. Actually, she lied.

From the Sacramento Bee’s Just The Facts fact-checking section:

To illustrate a point that illegal immigration has costs for the state, she told those gathered that probably 30 percent of state prisoners are illegal immigrants.

Conclusion: Thirty percent is an inaccurate percentage. The California Department of Finance puts the percentage of undocumented inmates at about 11 percent of the total prison population, or about 19,000 out of 170,000.


Finance spokesman H.D. Palmer said the 11 percent figure has been steady for several years. These are prisoners who are on hold for deportation proceedings once sentences are served. Some legal immigrants who have lost their legal status because of a felony conviction might also be included in the numbers.

For someone running on her business acumen, Meg Whitman has real problems getting simple math correct. Voters have to ask if California needs another serial exaggerator as governor.

UPDATE: Unless she meant Hispanic and not illegal? Or are those the same things to the GOP? See my comment at #1 below.

Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge