Lips together, legs apart

As  Doug at Ballon Juice points out Elena Kagan doesn’t always  sit with her legs apart, but you know who did sit with his legs apart?


I have no problem with Givhan’s article any more than I had a problem when she wrote about Jane Roberts dressing her kids up like mannequins for a Macys window display during Easter or the time Hillary Clinton showed off a little cleavage. Givhan writes for the Fashion & Beauty subsection of the Arts and Living section and, as someone who admittedly knows more about  kick pleats than kick-starting a motorcycle, I think she is actually very good at what she does, as when she makes this point:

Is it so wrong to lean on cliches for guidance? Well, yes. And, also, no.

People make choices about their appearance for all sorts of complicated reasons. And often, they glom on to a cliche because they find it reassuring and easy. They wear the dress of a particular social tribe because they want people to make assumptions about who they are — because letting folks come to a conclusion on their own is often easier than having to explain.

If this were written by Dana Milbank for the Opinion section I think there would have been cause to complain (as there is  about most everything that Milbank writes)  but taken as a whole and considering the audience the Fashion section is supposed to serve,  Givhan’s article makes a lot of valid points.

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