A story recently circulated on-line, predominantly on LGBT blog-sites, about a Kentucky bus driver making fun of a child for having lesbian mothers. According to a press release from the Kentucky Equality Federation (KEF):

The issue centers on the suspension of the child from the bus simply because she was offended when others on the bus were making fun of gay and lesbian people. When she brought this to the attention of the bus driver, the driver thought it was humorous[my italicization] and told the child she was a ‘contradiction’ according to the report filed with our organization.

For some reason this on-line story–which seems to come solely from the press release of KEF in the case of many LGBT posts–lacks important details, not only from the side of the child’s mother, but also the point of the view of the bus driver. It hardly seems worth the type of petitioning and circulation it has been getting on-line from the view of an outside observer like myself.



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