Dear Mr. President: []

I have been on this earth for nearly 70 years.

NEVER have I ever seen a more deeply troubling environmental disaster than the man-made one in the Gulf of Mexico right now.

Please use every ounce of the power you have as our President to see to it that oil companies are forced to be responsible, and made to pay dearly for the horrific damage they have done. Their arrogance and criminal negligence cannot be allowed to rule, if there is to be any justice left in this world, any future for our children.

You have the power to lead. DO so!

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A deeply angry, grieving biologist

p.s., As an ordinary citizen with a moderate background in ecology, I have a deep sense of dread over what the world faces as a result of this horrific oil spill.

Do YOU? Do you have ANY idea at all? Please act, quickly and with far reaching plans and stiff penalties for derelict companies whose arrogance and malfeasance will otherwise rule, irretrievably wounding our once great country, and everyone else affected by what we do.

You wanted to be President. We voted for you.

[oh, and Rayne: Thank you! I am on the negative side of pessimistic over this; just sick at heart; but we can make them TRY, dammit!?!]