Things the Press never talks about, Or why CNN needs at least one Lefty Blogger to ask question’s on tv rather than small blog Red State’s Erick Erickson whose’s views Fox and the supposedly Liberal Media present constantly.

However they never present our side of the issues despite us being Right about everything the last 9 years.

With a track record of predicting the future like ours you would think the Media would want us on.


1) Why does Darth never get asked about war crimes on TV?

2) Why does Bush never gets asked about his famous the United States does not torture statement?

3) Why does Bush never get asked if he found who in his White House leaked Valerie Palme’s name? Revealing our spy’s name to the enemy is treason, Treason during war and since 9/11 we have been at war is the Death Penalty.

4) Bush Loves flicking the switch on the Electric Chair will Bush flick the Switch on who ever in his White House leaked Valerie’s name?

5) Why did the Media stop covering the two wars we are still fighting in favor of Missing White Women stories? Before the Presidential election?

The decline in coverage of Iraq has been staggering.
During the first 10 weeks of 2007, Iraq accounted for 23 percent of the newshole fornetwork TV news. In 2008, it plummeted to 3 percent during that period. On cable networks it fell from 24 percent to 1 percent, according to a study by the Project for Excellence in Journalism.
The numbers also were dismal for the country’s dailies. By Acuna’s count, during the first three months of this year, front-page stories about Iraq in the Bee were down 70 percent from the same time last year. Articles about Iraq once topped the list for reader feedback. By mid-2007, "Their interest just dropped off; it was noticeable to me," says the public editor.

(Rant Break)

Maybe the White House Propaganda leaks to the Press about Happy News was turning off Lefty Readers? Maybe the Right was tired of hearing we are winning year after year as gas prices went higher and higher?

Maybe real war coverage stories about our troops dying were turning people against the war and against the GOP right before the presidential election? The supposedly Liberal Media could not have that! The timing is curious No?

?6) Why did Fox News win a Court case arguing for the right to lie because its free speech in their newscasts?

The court agreed with WTVT’s (Fox) argument “that the FCC’s policy against the intentional falsification of the news — which the FCC has called its “news distortion policy” — does not qualify as the required “law, rule, or regulation” under section 448.102.[…] Because the FCC’s news distortion policy is not a “law, rule, or regulation” under section 448.102, Akre has failed to state a claim under the whistle-blower’s statute.”[1]

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is an independent agency of the United States government, created, directed, and empowered by Congressional statute (see 47 U.S.C. § 151 and 47 U.S.C. § 154), and with the majority of its commissioners appointed by the current President. The FCC works towards six goals in the areas of broadband, competition, the spectrum, the media, public safety and homeland security, and modernizing the FCC.[2]

My Bold Since when does lying and using lies to spread hate advance public safety?
Why does the Right to Free Speech include the Right to intimidate others by inciting Right Wing Nut jobs to threaten our Right to Life if we speak up?
Life, Liberty and Happiness Without life I can’t enjoy the Liberty of Free Speech so the Right to Life should trump the Right to Lie as Free Speech on the Public Airwaves!.
My tax Dollars should not go to giving the *cough * News the Right to incite others to attack me based on lies.
Please tell me how Lou Dobbs lying about Immigrants spreading Leprosy was not a call for crazies to start killing immigrants?

I want the Right to buy Basic Cable without having to buy Right Wing Hate Channels!

Please add your own questions the Media will never ask in the comments.



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