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Of 3,858, How Many Gulf of Mexico Oil Rigs are Built to Norway’s Safety Standards? ZERO!

Of 3,858, How Many Gulf of Mexico Oil Rigs are Built to Norway’s Safety Standards? ZERO! — by NormanB ("Deviations from the Norm")

Reporters repeat "This Gulf gusher disaster couldn’t happen with ‘Norway’s Safety Standards’" requiring Blow-out Prevention Valves.

While accepting donations from Oil companies, the Obama Administration condones very dangerous Oil wells without Norway’s Safety Standards: Few have Blow-out Prevention Valves, NONE OF THEM use Methane Injection Equipment. Do you realize what this means?

All 3,858 Oil wells in US waters INTENTIONALLY spill Methane into the atmosphere daily. You might see a giant Methane torch burning on an offshore Oil rig, infusing our air with tons of Carbon Dioxide. Before the torch is lit, and each time it goes out, every intentional Methane spill spews a Global Warming gas 62 times worse than CO2.

Norwegian Oil rigs don’t spill Methane. Instead, they re-inject it into the cavity from which it came. Statoil made Norwegians the richest people on Earth per capita. That’s because it’s State Oil, a nationalized energy industry. If our energy industry were nationalized, we’d be a rich and powerful nation. Our people would have a high standard of living. And if it were nationalized, Oil rig operators would have an incentive to prevent spills.

Do I need to say it? If the President’s Executive Orders don’t require optimum safety standards, then, obviously, the President is accepting bribes. If the law doesn’t require optimum safety practices, then obviously, the Legislators are accepting bribes. This is not OK.


(Methane can be captured and processed into Natural Gas, Propane and Butane: Fossil fuels that cause Global Warming when burned by infusing the air with CO2. They warm the world worse when leaked.)

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