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Rand Paul: Criticism Of British Oil Company Is “Un-American”

Not much else to say beyond the headline:

Kentucky’s Republican Senate candidate Rand Paul is criticizing President Barack Obama’s handling of the gulf oil debacle as putting “his boot heel on the throat of BP.”

Paul says Obama’s criticism of the oil company sounds like an attack on business and “really un-American.”

In an interview Friday on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” Paul says the president’s response is part of the “blame game” that’s played in the U.S. Paul said that leads to the thinking that tragic incidents are “always someone’s fault” and added, sometimes accidents just happen.

Sometimes accidents just happen, when the corporation in charge uses faulty equipment. And blows off safety tests. And falsifies other tests. And habitually engages in practices that can lead to a disaster. And lies about the possibility of a disaster. And minimizes the impact. And muzzles the free press from reporting on the consequences. And then claims the whole thing was unanticipated.

Accidents like that.

By the way, we all wish that Barack Obama had his boot on the throat of BP. He doesn’t. But this idea that criticizing any business, even one that pollutes the commons with millions of gallons of oil, through near-criminal negligence, is un-American… well, what’s un-American is protecting a non-governmental actor when they deprive life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in an entire region of the country.

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David Dayen

David Dayen