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McCain Upset That War May Be Happening Without Him

John McCain never met a war he didn’t like, and so he wants the United States to basically enter into a war with North Korea.

“South Korea presented evidence today that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that North Korea was responsible for the sinking of the Cheonan, a South Korean Navy ship, which claimed the lives of 46 Korean sailors. North Korea’s aggression against a vital ally of the United States is completely unacceptable, and the consequences must be serious and immediate. I urge the community of responsible nations to show solidarity with South Korea and to respond appropriately to North Korea’s belligerence. I especially urge the People’s Republic of China to work more responsibly than it has thus far for the security and stability of East Asia.”

The backstory here is that a North Korean torpedo pierced a South Korean navy ship, killing 46 men on board. North Korea has threatened “all-out war” if the South Koreans responded, while denying the veracity of the incident. At last count, South Korea was considering going to the UN Security Council.

The Obama Administration has called this an “act of aggression” and called the attack “a challenge to international peace and security and… a violation of the Armistice Agreement.” So they’re not exactly being pacifist about this. But you see what McCain wants – “serious and immediate” consequences. He’d relish the opportunity to be in the White House now and to set off a bomb or two in the direction of Pyongyang. It’s all about “strength” and “toughness” and “boldness” with him.

Um, can we stick to the two wars we’ve got, if not less?

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David Dayen

David Dayen