It’s exhausting to listen to Rand Paul sometimes, and now we find out that it’s exhausting for him too. In fact, exhaustion is what led him to cancel his Meet the Press appearance which has been scheduled all week.

Update (2:04PM): And it’s official. He’s canceled, citing “exhaustion.” He’s only the third major guest in the show’s 62-year history to do so. (Note: I’ve changed the headline to reflect this, from “tries to squirm out of” to “squirms out of.”)

Update (2:09PM): I wonder when he’s going to blame Rachel Maddow. You gotta’ figure that excuse will be coming soon, that he just can’t stand the “heat” at MSNBC or NBC. You know, tough questions like: “Do you support the civil rights act?” or “Do you support guaranteed overtime pay?”

I think the bigger scandal here, outside of how amusing it is that a tough guy teabagger has to run and hide from the media, is that Meet the Press was going to feature the guy who got the third-most amount of votes in Kentucky on Tuesday for their show. Why not Jack Conway, who won the Democratic nomination? Why not Joe Sestak? Why not a Halter-Lincoln debate? Why not something related to the Wall Street reforms which passed the Senate? I do find Paul’s libertarian rhetoric mildly entertaining, but as usual the media shows their bias toward a certain viewpoint, and even when they’re critical it’s the only viewpoint we get.

Here’s a petition asking MTP to replace Paul with Conway. Makes sense to me.

David Dayen

David Dayen