Yesterday and as well as today, Senate candidate Rand Paul (R-KY) has been hit with accusations of racism after the pundits on both sides accused him of wanting to repeal the Civil Rights bill of 1964 even though he never said such a thing. This whole thing started when Senate Candidate Attorney General Jack Conway (D-KY) falsely claimed that he supported businesses that discriminated on the basis of race on Hardball yesterday and that corporate media hack Rachel Maddow tried to back him into a corner, and somehow we are to believe that the left cares so much about racial justice even though history shows the opposite.

To begin with, black leaders, neoliberal pundits and some neocons claim that genuine opposition to the Civil Rights Act makes you a racist and this was evident on the media circuit when Rep. James Clyburn (D-NC), Boyce Watkins, and others tried to say that libertarianism leads to discrimination and even Jesse Jackson decided to state that obvious falsehood. However, I would turn this back on them and ask: what about the high unemployment among hispanics, Asian Americans, and African Americans? What about the high school dropout rates among minorities? My question to you fools who pretend to fight for equal rights, what have you done to help those in need? So don’t play this high and mighty bullshit because you’ll learn the hard way that racism can hit back at you.

Speaking of racism, these fools who claim they fight for civil rights seem to forget the disparity in how minorities are paid in their work compared to others. They remind me of the Crying Wolf crowd and pounce on their opponent who shows too much common sense. Rachel Maddow is that example of pouncing on those who deviate from "common wisdom" and call them evil. The same people that cry about racism are also guilty of what many call race hustling. The fact is, even though they claim that black people have progressed, I would say that they did nothing but push them back from progressing because of what I have mentioned before. Those on the left are only interested in name calling and bringing up issues that have nothing to do with this issue. Granted, the right does the exact same thing to libertarians who deviate from their philosophy.

Sure, all the blogs and the media can make Paul look like a racist, but to those who support Paul and his family, remember, this is not a new controversy. In fact, Ron Paul was attacked by both sides for newsletters that were written in the 1990s that he correctly pointed out were not his words and his thoughts. After all, he had the exact same answer as his son about the Civil Rights act when he spoke to the late Tim Russert in 2007, and these attacks go as far back as 1996. However, these attacks fail because people care about what are you going to do to restore the constitution, the free markets, and civil liberties, not about issues that mean nothing today. But let’s be honest, these attacks are the same attacks against us libertarians because we don’t subscribe to the "common wisdom" they force fed us at school. The good thing is that libertarians like myself will continue to support Paul and we will fight against these accusations.

As for myself, I really don’t talk about the Civil Rights Act unless it’s in class (we had a debate on that in my Communications class), or if I am taking my midterms and finals. The fact is, the Civil Rights Act led to affirmative action and led to a special class that could not be fired because they would be accused of racism even though other reasons such as incompetence are the real factors. The fact is, I oppose not only affirmative action, I’ll go as far as opposing hate speech laws and hate crimes laws. The constitution guarantees equal protection under the law and what we are doing with such laws is we are creating a balkanized justice system that benefits one group and not another. And seriously, why do we have hispanic scholarships, black scholarships and other balkanized awards? We must reward and punish people equally and that applies to business as well. If a racist who owns a restaurant only lets his people in, he will be run out of business because in a real capitalist society, racist businessmen lose because they have reduced how much customers they’ll have. Again, I will say that I don’t talk about the specific act or the acts that followed because I am concerned with issues that really affect us.

Again, the fight between Rand Paul and the pundits who hate him expose one thing: Paul wants to have a rational discussion and the other side wants to cover their ears and shout racist all they want. Well, try that (and I’m talking to you Conway), you will lose this one because the people will then ask you what is your solution. If you want to attack libertarians, be honest about your attacks, and we’ll be glad to clear things up. Until then, I stand alongside Rand and you can all go find something else to whine about.



I am a libertarian who supported Ron Paul in the 2008 elections and I intend to support him in 2012. I am an open minded college student who has joined atheist, socialist, and feminist organizations to understand their message and to convey my message of liberty in an effective manner. I am up for debate but I always know when we can reach common ground. I live in West Texas and have lived here for my life. I love to listen to progressive metal like Dream Theater, thrash metal like Metallica and Pantera, but I love to eat all sorts of food that tickle my taste buds.