During his swearing-in as president aboard Air Force One, with a grief-stricken Jackie Kennedy to his left, Lyndon Johnson flashed a grin to one his Texas cohorts, Congressman Albert Thomas. In a famous photograph Thomas is seen grinning back and also sending a wink to Johnson.

Albert Thomas was chairman of the congressional subcommittee for defense appropriations. He and Johnson were members of a corrupt business alliance known as the Suite 8F Group. This alliance was one of Johnson’s main vehicles for funneling government contracts and other benefits to his wealthy right wing political supporters.

The Suite 8F Group was tied in with the infamous Bobby Baker, Clint Murchison, Edward Clark and Billy Sol Estes, all of whom are also linked to the JFK assassination. The Group also included George and Herman Brown of the Brown and Root company — which became part of Halliburton in 1962. Halliburton profited tremendously from the Vietnam war after the full-scale escalation by Johnson.

Anyone concerned about the Kennedy assassination or the LBJ corruption story or the history of Halliburton should be familiar with the Suite 8F Group. An informative article on the Group can be found here.