Laura Rozen has a letter that Queens Congressman Gary Ackerman — no relation — wrote to Secretary Clinton urging the State Department re-designate North Korea a state sponsor of terrorism now that an international investigation has concluded that a NoKo torpedo most likely sunk a South Korean naval vessel, killing 46 sailors.

“As the recent sinking of the Republic of Korea warship Cheonan has demonstrated, North Korea is, in fact, intent on pursuing the opposite policy of ours, namely, undermining peace and increasing tensions in northeast Asia,” Ackerman wrote Clinton in a letter.

“The apparently unprovoked sneak attack on the Cheonan, by North Korea, and the murder of 46 Republic of Korea sailors sailing in home waters, is a clear potential causus belli, and unquestionably the most belligerent and provocative incident since the 1953 armistice was established,” he continued.

If the North indeed launched the torpedo (I don’t doubt it, I just haven’t seen the investigation), then that’s clearly a hostile and provocative act. It’s also a military act against an enemy military. Nothing here is terrorism. Not all aggression is terrorism. If Ackerman thinks a punitive measure like re-designation on the SST list is a good course of policy action in solidarity with our South Korean allies, that’s one thing, but this just isn’t terrorism we’re talking about.

Spencer Ackerman

Spencer Ackerman