So much for hindsight. (photo: grooble on Flickr)

As the 2010 campaign season swings into summer, the Republican deciderers–self-anointed and otherwise–prove that once again, they are congentially incapable of learning from their mistakes. Seriously, did anyone expect to see Vito Fossella endorsed by the party faithful a scant two years after we learned he was in a multiple family way?

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — In a bombshell announcement, the Staten Island Republican Party executive committee last night endorsed former GOP Rep. Vito Fossella to run against Rep. Michael McMahon (D-Staten Island/Brooklyn) this fall.

Really, S.I. GOP? You still want Fossella, after his DUI conviction and his questionable family planning program? After the financial reporting problems and the donor-sponsored luxury vacations and the Jets playoff games on the taxpayers’ dime and blaming the accountants . . . you want to go through that all over again? Are the pickings so slim within your party that Vito Fossella is the most recognizable name you’ve got? I’m sorry, I don’t mean to giggle, but who the hell is your consultant?

Which brings us to “Irving’s Embarrassment.” It seems now that prom queen/mean girl Sarah Palin has convinced Republican Nepotism Club President Bill Kristol to do all her homework and take her finals for her, she’s too cool to hang out with the dweeby guy. Disconsolate after getting dumped, Bill has developed himself a crush on another perky brunette:

The Weekly Standard‘s Bill Kristol is so excited that “patriot” Campbell Brown is heroically leaving CNN—because she can’t compete with other TV blowhards—that he wants her to run against NY Senator Chuck Schumer.

Granted, at least Campbell Brown made it to the big leagues as a newsreader/talking head, and didn’t (most likely) quit in the middle of her job as a “sportscaster” at a local television station in Anchorage, so I guess that’s a step up.

But for all the destruction he wrought by falling for Palin’s Julie McCoy impersonation and introducing the political piranha and her grifter spawn to the McCain campaign, Bill Kristol should have his keyboard confiscated, his mouth sewn shut and should NEVER be allowed to even hint at possible candidates ever again.

Heh. If this is any indication of the days to come, 2010 is gonna suck for the folks behind the elephants. I hope they’ve got big shovels and hip waders…



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