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“Doesn’t it seem that the only thing GetEQUAL is getting accomplished is getting arrested?”

Just saw that pop up on the #dadt twitterfeed and sadly it seems some people are woefully ignorant of American history.  Wouldn't it have been sad if someone attempted to derail Dr. Martin Luther King in the Birmingham Jail?  How sad if women's suffrage were derailed with those sentiments?  How sad if the peace protestors had the same attitude?  How sad if Gandhi told the British that he respectfully disagreed and thanked Parliament for “access” but he wasn't willing to go to jail?  Where would South Africa be without people like Nelson Mandela being willing to go to prison?

Anything that shakes up the establishment will scare the establishment and others not willing to make sacrifices.  We are very lucky that those active in GetEQUAL are willing to do just that.

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