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Wikileaks under attack

I’ve looked around Firedoglake and haven’t seen anything regarding the latest attack against Wikileaks. I discovered it at Glenn Greenwald’s blog this morning, and I feel we need to pay attention to an egregious attempt (and any future attempts) to silence this fine web site.

Julian Astange, founder of Wikileaks, had his passport confiscated upon his arrival in Melbourne, Australia, ostensibly because "it was looking worn."

Later, he was informed that his disclosure of soon-to-be web site bans by the Australian government was referred to the Australian Federal Police. Wikileaks was then added to the list.

You can read the excellent post by Mr. Greenwald, but, as he puts it,

Secrecy is the crux of institutional power — the principal weapon for maintaining it — and there are very few entities left which can truly threaten that secrecy…it’s a testament to how truly threatening they perceive outlets like WikiLeaks to be.

This needs to be shouted from the rooftops, in my opinion. We must back these brave men and women who uncover the lizards under the rock and give those in the know of these horrible secrets an outlet to expose the bad guys.

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