So the corporatists have no problem getting their Free Trade Acts passed that gut American industrial capacity and turn us into a third world nation. Their trade is protected so it can pass freely from one nation to another while they exploit cheap labor.

Isn’t it time we started protecting workers rights and passed a Free Labor Act? After all, if corporations can trade their goods freely, shouldn’t workers be able to trade their work skills freely as well?

Imagine if Americans, Canadians and Mexicans could pass freely across our borders to work? No more fear of being deported. No more need to secretly work under the table for less than minimum wage. All workers guaranteed minimum wage, safe working conditions (when enforced, of course), child labor laws. There would be no NEED to work under the table, meaning no competition for those jobs "Americans won’t do" ie, can’t do because they can’t get a living wage to do them.

With no "illegal" status, there would be no incentive to work for less.

Mexicans would pour across the border, of course, but what would happen to Mexico then? They’d experience a serious labor shortage. They’d have to raise wages to hang onto their workers. When wages rose enough, it wouldn’t make sense to leave behind ones home and family for a job in America when they could get one right there that paid enough. The labor pool and wages would balance out. There’d be far less Mexicans that could be as easily exploited as there are now. And Americans would no longer be competing against illegals able to work for less.

Free labor would do what the Free Traders promised they’d do: raise third worlds out of poverty.

Now imagine if we had Free Labor around the world.