The President Barak Obama laid out in his speaking today what He thought was needed for illegal immigrants to be required in immigration reform.

Yes we heard it before, and He said it again.

I have a simple question I wish someone would answer?

How can anyone be said to go to the back of the line?

When their in the theater door and got thier ticket, been to the consession stand, got thier popcorn a drink and candy, entered the theater, found a seat, and are already watching the movie.

Saying go to the back of the line is impossible, just as they seem to think these people starting over is.

No matter which side on the immigration debate one might be on, or whether You believe it needs fixed or not.

One thing should be abundantly clear that Our President like many in the Congress, and way to many advocation for reform think the American People are so stupid that they actually think we believe these people will end up going to the back of the line.

It’s pretty hard to go to the back of the line when Your alrady in the door.

A Final note Caldarone put His two cents into immigration today with President Obama. His words should have constituted an act of WAR, because He basically told us we should not uphold our laws and should just allow any Mexican who wants to do as they please.



My book (Why we have so many American Problems and what we can do about them) should be read by every American before the election. It is available on line at or Amazon and google book searches. ISBN 978-1-4343-8938-1