Voting is happening right now on a cloture vote for financial reform. Harry Reid announced that “I don’t know if we’ll ever arrive” at a unanimous consent agreement on the amendments which Senate Democrats wanted for a vote, so he said “let’s get this cloture thing out of the way.” It’s incredibly unclear whether or not Reid has the votes to invoke cloture – at least half a dozen Democrats were wavering because they couldn’t get a vote on their amendments.

Stay tuned, as voting is happening right now…

…OK, Democrats are mostly falling in line on cloture: Boxer, Brown, Burris, Cardin, Casey, Conrad, Dodd, Dorgan, Feinstein, Kaufman, Kerry, Levin, Merkley, Murray, Rockefeller, Schumer, Stabenow, Tester, Udall (NM), Franken, Warner, Whitehouse, Durbin all voted Aye.

But Maria Cantwell and Russ Feingold kept their promise and voted against ending debate. That really threatens passage of cloture.

…Ben Nelson and Joe Lieberman vote for cloture. So far, only Cantwell and Feingold have had the courage to oppose it. No Republican pickups – they would need three Republicans to join the Democrats on cloture for this to pass. And only Collins has stated publicly that she supports ending debate.

…Chuck Grassley, who supported a lot of Democratic amendments, ended up voting no on cloture. I guess the trio of Snowe/Collins/Brown could get us to cloture, but I don’t know…

Collins an aye, Voinovich a no, Harkin an aye after saying he was undecided, Lugar’s a no.

…Scott Brown votes no. I don’t see how cloture passes.

…Reid’s going to hold a press conference after this, and he’ll blame Republicans or something, but the truth is that Cantwell and Feingold were not satisfied with the package or the treatment of their amendments, and otherwise cloture would have passed.

Chris Bowers tweets: “Looks like Cantwell and Feingold blocked cloture. Good for them. No cloture until progs get votes on their amendments.”

…Snowe votes aye, leaving the Dems one short of cloture. Bob Corker is getting lobbied hard by Reid on the Senate floor.

…they’re holding out the vote awful long, straining for one more Republican to invoke cloture. I don’t think it’s going to happen. They’re probably going back to Feingold and Cantwell to change their votes, too.

…With Reid voting no so he can bring up cloture at a later time, the motion fails 57-42. Who knows what’s next?

David Dayen

David Dayen