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Orly Taitz is loosing her marbles. Okay, we knew that already, but now the dentist/lawyer/Birther-diva is really going bonkers/bughouse looney because she’s been immortalized by pancake portaitist Dan Lacey who’s painted numerous politicians–including the Red (State) Queen of  (Mad) Tea Parties Sarah Palin–with pancakes.

You’d think Orly would be thrilled to be in the illustrious company of flapjack wears like John McCain, Cindy McCain and Charlie Crist, but Orly sees Lacey’s portraits of her as more persecution by Obama and his goon squads. According to Mother Jones, Dr Taitz:

maintains that the painting titled Orly Taitz, Pancake Birther actually portrays her holding a placenta rather than a pancake. “This is really despicable,” she says, theorizing that one of her many political enemies put Lacey up to the work. But she says she’s more concerned about the effect the paintings are having on her children.

Now art is not only what the painter paints, but how it is interpreted by the viewer. Dr Taitz sees placenta. She may want to see a shrink. I looked at Pancaker Birther, and the pseudo-crepe in question definitely resembles an IHOP Rooty Tooty Fresh N Fruity strawberry pancake. While I’ve never seen a placenta up close, I doubt they have a melting pat of butter.

Artist Lacey told Mother Jones that the portrait was commissioned, but declined to say for whom. On his site Faithmouse, Lacey takes suggestions from fans.

Lacey’s affordable political pancakes paintings are often for sale on eBay. Currently there’s Orly Taitz Pancake Burper for auction. Opening bid: $26.

It’s really stunning and tragically funny to read dentist Taitz’s rambling lawsuits and claims. In one, quoted by Mother Jones,  she says she running for California Attorney General, though in fact she’s a candidate for Secretary of State.  And in a December 2009 filing, reported by the OC Register ,she states on page 4 of the document that Mr. Velamoor, a clerk in the Orange County court is connected with Obama through Communist institutes of higher learning and via Mercer Island, WA. Because the clerk was also an employee of the law firm Perkin Cole which represented Obama in eligibility legislation, he had

to be recused from assisting your owner.

Yup. She said “your owner.”

Lisa Derrick

Lisa Derrick

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