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LGBT folks playing the Freeper?

I ran across a story over at Joe My God's website concerning the candidacy of Republican transwoman Donna Milo.  While many of the site’s readers understandably disagree with Ms. Milo’s policy positions, the level of discourse sometimes veers towards what we get when monitoring our “friends” over at the Free Republic.  Take a look at these gems:

JohnnieB: "What a shame. I guess having your dick removed doesn't make you any less of one."

LarsDe: "They don't remove your dick, they split it and put it inside of you. Obviously she had a huge dick because they had to remove her heart and her brain to make room for it."

Todd:  "She could be a shemale."

Frederick: "Hope she likes being TEABAGGED."

The Milkman: "Wow.  Living proof that you don't have to have a c*nt in order to be one."

Given the long standing policy at PHB of calling out abusive language towards trans people and trans bodies, I think it a double standard if we fail to shine the light at our own community…even when we disagree with the person.  

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