Today in 1992, then-Vice President J Danforth Quayle cited fictional television sitcom character Murphy Brown (played by Candice Bergen) as a poor example of family values for Americans because the fictional character decided to bear a child without the "benefit" of marriage. Today (actually, by 2006) 38.5% of American births were to unmarried women. Thanks, fictional character who finally slunk off the air exactly six years later: May 18, 1998! (h/t Suzanne)

In Murphy Brown’s (and Danforth Quayle’s) honor, our little 21st century untraditional-valued family toddled over to the Castro Wednesday Farmers’ Market to prod some rutabaga and squeeze an apricot. Here’s our all-local, fabulous treasure for today:

One large bunch of pencil-thin organic asparagus ($2.75)

One large loaf unsliced raisin-hazelnut (raizelnut!) bread ($5.00) from Crepe Brioche and Bakery, 1022 Revere Ave, San Francisco.

One pound large brown mushrooms ($3.75) from the Garrone Family at Far West Fungi, The Ferry Building, SF, grown in Moss Landing. I like to sautee these and fold in tomato sauce, replacing the sausage in my ravioli sauce with a healthy, organic fungus.

One pint huge organic strawberries — only seven in this pint! — ($3.50) from Fifth Crow Farm, Pescadero. John, Mark & Teresa have this to say about their produce and foodstuffs:

By purchasing these eggs, you are supporting a more humane and sustainable way of raising laying hens and supporting fair wages for the people who raise your food. Your food dollars translate directly
into our livelihood.

Spinach dip ($5.00) from Home Maid Olive Company, South San Francisco

One-and-a-half pounds organic cherries ($8.00) from Frog Hollow Farm, Brentwood

One pint organic blueberries ($4.00) from Alpine Farms in Stockton

Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge