The Sea Captain and I have been butting heads a lot these last few days. He’s been getting sicker and sicker with flu-like symptoms and I’ve been getting nervous enough that I’m questioning all reality. Maybe it’s the mold making him sick because as far as the nose can smell down around these below-sea-level communities, mold is in every deep breath. But after reading Dr. Ott’s editorial on the Hufflington Post regarding dispersement spraying, I realize the Captain’s probably right about chemical poisoning because he did go out to the Freemason islands on the BP boat last Monday, a day they were spraying heavily. According to Dr. Ott, we are being lied to about air quality. Are we not, as citizens of the USA, allowed to know what is really going on down here so we can make informed decisions regarding our health. Did we sell our rights as citizens to foreign oil interests? I think not although I haven’t read any of the fine print in the contracts…thanks to the secrecy of Dick Cheney’s energy policy.

Chemical dispersements are bad news for air quality and there are already enough facts to back that opinion up. But putting facts aside and any ‘expert’ opinions, I am surrounded by people with flu-like symptoms and there is no denying that. The local pharmacy was out of the antibiotic needed for an entire day.

The Sea Captain and I have been arguing because of my ignorance of things he’s spent his whole life studying such as air pharmacology (chemtrails) and flow of the the gulf streams. Learning comes out of disagreements. Every morning we read the headlines from the night before and every morning, he tries to de-bunk the myths stated as fact. In fact, with the attached video of gulf stream movements, you will conclude as we did, that the Texas’ coast is in danger more than Florida’s. I guess time will tell but I’ll put it out there anyway.

The Captain went to the doctor yesterday and is now on antibiotics so we hope all will be well soon and all this arguing is soon to be a memory as he feels better and I don’t feel so damn uninformed.

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