When not fucking his aide behind his wife’s back, Mark Souder didn’t like those — like Centers for Disease Control STD expert Dr. Jonathan Zenilman — who advocated for the responsible usage of contraceptive devices. This is from a 2004 exchange.

Zenilman: Teenagers having consensual intercourse or adults having sexual intercourse is not the same as a date rape or sexual harassment. The latter has a lot more of the consequences that you mentioned previously.

Souder: I don’t think this data backs that statement up. I believe they are awful and I have worked with them, but you are not going to argue here that out-of-wedlock pregnancy and related things are less damaging overall to a life’s career than somebody who has been sexually harassed, which, by the way, may also occur in the teen pregnancy and the out-of-wedlock or non-married sexual activity.

This is all via Zenilman’s son, my friend Avi, who is doubtlessly cackling with glee this evening.

Spencer Ackerman

Spencer Ackerman

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