I thought BP was solely responsible for the biggest oil spill in history, but thanks to a great diary by Stu Piddy over at pffugeecamp.com, I see I’m wrong:

Mon May 17, 2010 at 23:14:27 PM EDT


This is the man who was responsible for the OIL SPILL.



Thank GAWWD St. Obama had nothing to do with it! I mean, my confidence in America’s First African-American President (!) was briefly shaken when I remembered he said this on April 2, 2010: "It turns out, by the way, that oil rigs today generally don’t cause spills; they are technologically very advanced." But then I remembered it’s all BP’s fault, or some Interior Department functionary’s fault, or our fault, not the Nobel Peace Prize winner’s.

But, okay, enough joking around. Seriously folks, don’t we realize President Obama is an enemy? Yes, BP, the right-wing media, the Republicans, they’re the enemy too. But Obama is very much in power, and he definitely plans to cut Social Security and other ‘entitlements’ with whatever political capital he has left after the fall elections? Don’t we want to make as sure as we can that he has very little of that? And isn’t "OBAMA’S KATRINA" one way to move toward that goal? What are progressives thinking? (Not sure I want to know, to tell the truth.)

I wrote the following at Eurotrib, attacking a "BP is EVIL!! (and don’t mention Obama when you talk about the biggest in history gulf oil spill even though he is responsible for regulating oil rigs and he approved massive expansion of offshore oil rigs just a month ago)" article and its comments:

The word ‘Obama’ not in article or comments

till this one.

But isn’t it the Obama administration that supposedly regulates the oil exploration industry, and through neglect or collusion allowed and will continue to allow BP to get away with as much as environmental abuse as it possibly can? Isn’t it the Obama administration that chose Ken Salazar, "a well known shill for the oil and gas industry," as Interior Secretary?

Isn’t it the Obama administration that allows BP to get away with hiding how much oil is ‘leaking’ into the sea? Isn’t President Obama the person who approved a massive expansion of offshore drilling just a month or so ago? And isn’t Obama the President who sais this on April 2, 2010: "It turns out, by the way, that oil rigs today generally don’t cause spills; they are technologically very advanced."

Why obediently play the Obama administration PR game on this matter and make it all about BP? BP and other environment abusers would not do so if they were properly regulated. They will abuse, they always seem to do so, when they’re deregulated and/or they own their regulators. Well, they seem to own Obama (read that quote again!). And that’s the heart of the current and future deep sea oil spill problem.