Joe Sestak

Joe Sestak

AR-SEN (D): Lincoln 44%, Halter 42%  (34% reporting)

KY-SEN (D): Conway 44%, Mongiardo 43% (Conway wins)

PA-SEN (D): Sestak 54%, Specter 46% (Sestak wins)

PA-GOV (D): Onorato 45%, Wagner 25% (82% reporting)

PA-12 Special: Critz (D) 53%, Burns 45% (Critz wins)

Ah, primary season.  During which the Republican base tries to move their party from far-right to batshit-right, while the Democratic base tries to move theirs from center-right to center.  Or at least that’s what’s on offer today, as Tea Party darling Rand Paul has already beaten GOP establishment candidate Trey Grayson in KY, while Bill Halter tries to knock off Blanche Lincoln in AR and Joe Sestak tries to knock off Arlen Specter in PA.

Want my inside, ground-level scoop on PA?  Here it is:

1) I fucking hate Arlen Specter and his craven say-the-right-thing-then-vote-the-opposite schtick.  He’s been decent as a Democrat since he switched, but I think that was mainly because of Sestak’s primary challenge.  If Arlen gets to hit the six-year snooze bar on his re-election clock, I expect him to join the Nelson-Lieberman Caucus pretty much instantly.

2) There was literally no one else voting at my polling place in Pittsburgh when I went over this evening.  As Jon points out, low turnout probably favors Sestak.  Good.

Other races of note: KY Senate Dem primary, PA Governor Dem primary, PA-12 special election to replace Murtha.