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An Alabama moran [sic] of a geometry teacher used the example of assassinating President Barack Obama as a way to teach angles to his geometry students.

At first all the school superintendent Phil Hammonds said was that the teacher would be getting a talking to after someone alerted the Secret Service. (After an interview with the Secret Service, the teacher was not deemed a credible threat).

But many, many phone calls from concerned citizens prompted Hammonds to put the math teacher on leave. Weirdly, one parent called the lesson in bullet trajectory against the standing President to be “inappropriate” but that the teacher’s “own opinion” and the teacher should not be fired:

We all make mistakes, and we should be able to learn from our mistakes. What he said was just wrong and inappropriate. Everyone’s got their own opinions, but we have to be aware of our surroundings. At this point, it just needs to be handled in a way that it won’t be repeated.

“We need to be aware of our surroundings.” Okay, that sounds just creepy.

Meanwhile a group calling themselves Public Advocate of the U.S., which “lobbies to fight the radical agenda of the Homosexual Lobby” sent out a hysterical email screaming about H.R. 4530,  the Student Non-Discrimination Act, introduced by Colorado representative Jared Polis which Public Advocate claims is:

a bill to turn America’s schools into indoctrination centers … its classrooms into social laboratories … its playgrounds into homosexual breeding grounds.

[Those are Public Advocate’s ellipses, and rather a frothy use of the triple dots.]

Isn’t the homo-haters’ argument that gays can’t breed and that’s why they shouldn’t be allowed to marry? So how the heck are they breeding on playgrounds?

Okay, so wait:  Some parents think it’s okay for their kids to get indoctrinated into the idea of presidential assassinations via geometry, because it’s really the gays and their radical agenda who are the problem?

Bonus:  Ask me about my call to the Secret Service and why!

Lisa Derrick

Lisa Derrick

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