Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, and Oregon Primary Thread – Part 2

Tonight is a primary night with elections in Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Arkansas and Oregon. The big races are the contested Senate primaries in KY, PA and AR, and the special election in PA-12 Congressional district to replace Democrat John Murtha. David Dayen has a primer on the races to watch this evening and so does Swing State Project. Ben Tribbett examines what you should be watching for in the Arkansas primary.

You can find part 1 of my election night coverage here and election results can be found at Politico

8:00 – Polls have just closed in Pennsylvania. In KY-3 Republican Todd Lally won the right to challenge Democratic incumbent John Yarmuth.

8:16 – So far to in Senate primaries Anti-Establishment 1 – Establishment 0.

8:23 – The Democratic Senate primary in KY is the last important race in the state not yet called. With 58% reporting it is Jack Conway 48% – Dan Mongiardo 40.

8:30 – Polls just closed in Arkansas!

8:35 – Turnout in KY has been extremely high. Interesting because reports are that turnout in PA was fairly low.

8:40 – We now got 1% of precincts reporting in PA and it is Arlen Specter 65 – Joe Sestak 36 so far

8:54 – With 76% of precincts reporting in KY Conway 46.5 – Mongiardo 41. The places not reporting so far favor Mongiardo for the most part but it is looking fairly good for Conway.

9:05 – In PA 7% reporting, mostly from Philly, it is Specter 58 – Sestak 42. Philly is where Specter is doing and was expected to do his best.

9:12 – No surprise here,  the AP just officially called the PA Republican primary for Pat Tommey.

9:23 – Specter is holding up pretty well. With 19% reporting it is Specter 52 – Sestak 48.

9:26 – Eli has part 3 of the election coverage.

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