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BREAKING: new underwater footage of oil leak with “siphon” in place

Two new videos have surface showing footage of the BP oil leak at the source 5,000 feet down at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico.

These new video are important because they show footage (if the time stamp on the video of May 17th is correct) taken after the oil company responsible for stopping the leak – British Petroleum (BP) – had inserted a tube into the leaking pipe in an attempt to siphon off some of the oil and pump it up to an awaiting ship on the surface.

Looking at this video there remains serious question about the exact amount of oil that is actually flowing from the burst pipe as well as how much is being captured by the inserted siphon: 

Another video has also been released showing the leak from the riser that is described on US Senator Bill Nelson’s website as video footage of the plume "after the intervention" – you can clearly see in the video a large kink in the riser that is spewing oil. The first half of this video is marked May 15th – the day before the insertion tube was placed in the leaking pipe.

The video then switches (at about the 2 min. 30 sec. mark) to a close of shot of the leak time stamped the next day, May 16th after the insertion tube was put in place:

Compare this to similar footage posted last week:

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