Biden-Clinton Ally Makes BILLIONS On So-Called "CleanUp;" Oil Spill Looks Intentional — by NormanB ("Deviations from the Norm")

Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer Bradley Bell announced his retirement hours ago from DuPont’s shadow company Nalco, maker of Corexit, which so-called "clean-up workers" are now intentionally spilling into the Gulf of Mexico. Corexit is much more toxic than Petroleum, and its use makes the Dispersant spill much more dangerous to Gulf-of-Mexico life and economy than the Oil spill itself. Bell apparently wants to take the money and run before the criminal acts involved are aired.

Nalco President & CEO J. Erik Frywald just came off a multi-city tour urging venture capitalists to invest in Nalco, because, he said, Oil spills are inevitable, and Nalco stands to make many billions of dollars when one happens, especially in the light Pres. Obama’s stated intent to dramatically increase un-inspected offshore Oil drilling.

Frywald and Nalco have donated to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and to that of notorious Oil puppet Mary Landrieu, as well as many other dishonest Oily Representatives from Louisiana and elsewhere on the Gulf coast. Frywald is a 27-year veteran at DuPont.

Billions of dollars given to DuPont is exactly what Vice President Biden has worked for his entire career. When a politician accepts a bribe and carries out what the bribing corporation wants, that’s bad. But in a case like Joseph Biden’s, wherein every piece of legislation he has ever introduced profits DuPont, the richest entity in his state, sets Biden apart: He’s by far the most dishonest politician in the history of this country. Biden’s every speech, for nearly 40 years, has focused on maximizing profits for DuPont.

Joseph Biden’s loyalty to DuPont instead of his country has devastated climate and human rights worldwide. Here, today, this column begins its 5-part series titled "How Joe Biden’s Loyalty to DuPont instead of his Country Devastated Climate and Human Rights Worldwide."



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