Tom Campbell’s resource reallocation represents a paradigm shift that favors Carly Fiorina’s ability to fail even more spectacularly than usual

Since Chuck DeVore scooped up campaign supergenius Josh Treviño, Carly Fiorina was forced to hire her campaign advisers from the Campaign Consultant Outlet Center, home of the Two-Bob Shrums for the Price Of One weekend specials. This has resulted in, well, her whole laughable campaign. Twitter-twating pictures has not been her friend but surely pointing out that Tom Campbell is flat out giving up because he is close to be on teh welfare is a total win for Carly who is probably figuring out how to outsource her future Senate aide needs to India right this moment.

Unless you read the whole article at the link:

Campbell will not be on TV this coming week. And he has cut his ad buys for the final 2 weeks of the campaign significantly, according to sources who watch campaign ad spending; data shows Campbell has purchased $286K in ads over the last 2 weeks, less than the $393K he had previously reserved.

Instead, Campbell’s campaign will send an oversized mailer to 1.1M voters this week, according to his campaign.

The decision to pull ads off TV means ex-HP CEO Carly Fiorina (R) will continue outspending Campbell on the air. Fiorina has spent $2.2M on TV ads, 4 times the amount Campbell has spent, according to data collected by several ad buyers with interests in the race.

But it’s not clear that Fiorina’s TV advantage is going to have much of a difference: Campbell leads every recent public poll. Fiorina has raised much more money than Campbell, and she announced last week she would put an additional $1.1M of her own money in the race. Still, her advertising advantage so far has not helped her make up her polling gap.

And by spending four times what Campbell has spent has led to Carly falling ten points further behind Campbell in  two months. This is definitely good news  but only for for the Carlyfornia campaign staffers who are pleased to be the recipients of Carly’s largesse when she could just as easily spend her days peeling off twenty dollar bills and flushing them down the toilet in order to achieve the same results.

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