Sarah Palin (remember her?) and Jan Brewer, who  have almost a full term of state governoring between them, have joined forces in a Ladies With Bangs Who Also Wear Too Much Foundation League of Mesican Hating, and they  have a website on the internet now:

The site, funded by Brewer’s reelection campaign, shows pictures of Brewer and Palin and invites visitors to sign a petition opposing boycotts. It includes a list of politicians and organizations calling for the boycotts and asks visitors to call or e-mail to “let them know that you support Arizona.”

“Our purpose today is to help the rest of the nation understand the crisis which confronts our state,” Brewer said, citing the presence of human and drug smugglers.

And America must wean itself off its dependence on foreign drugs and instead buy American even if it comes from that crazy state we keep in the attic when foreign heads of state come to visit and all of those other times in between. Also. U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

So what are Arizontards who also hate the Mesicans supposed to write in these angry ALL CAP delightfully misspelled missives to people and organizations who will, in all likelihood, dump them into the deleted file with Breitling watch come-ons and Russian bride two-for-one offers? Why threats to not buy goods and services from the offending Mesican-loving parties.

Not everyone is quaking with fear:

Tourism leaders have decided to back away from a planned advertising initiative aimed at heading off lost business from Arizona travelers who are angry over San Diego’s opposition to their state’s anti-illegal-immigration law.

Just a day after drafting an open letter to the state’s residents to be published in The Arizona Republic, the San Diego Convention & Visitors Bureau concluded that it would be best to hold off on pursuing an attention-getting move regarding the increasingly controversial legislation.

Local hoteliers and tourism officials are worried about the growing number of letters and e-mails they are receiving from Arizona residents indicating that they plan to stay away from San Diego in light of resolutions passed by the San Diego City Council and school board critical of the new law.

Visitors from Arizona, who number 2 million a year, are a major component of San Diego’s tourism industry, contributing roughly $800 million to the economy, the visitors bureau says.

Bureau President Joe Terzi said Friday that he will continue to monitor the correspondence from Arizona residents and will personally respond to each. But after discussing the planned advertising letter with others in the tourism community, he decided to hold off for now.

If you can’t scare the tourism people whose job it is to pimp hotels and Sea World, you are not as fierce as you think you are. In fact, Terzi ends by taunting the residents of American’s Hellmouth:

“I don’t think us putting a letter in a newspaper is going to sway someone’s personal opinion on an issue they feel strongly about,” Terzi said. “But when it’s 100-plus degrees for 60 days in a row (in the Phoenix area), and we’re a four-hour drive and a 30-minute flight away, we still feel comfortable (that) Arizonans will visit San Diego.”

I, for one, will not miss the invasion of Zonies who clog up our beach-side community’s streets with their Suburbans and poor driving skills, and litter our beaches with their ungainly children who will most likely not learn how to surf in one week no matter how expensive a surfboard they buy.

Bless their would-rather-be-inside-playing-XBox hearts…



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