We all have a basic idea of how this spill happened, and was caused by failures of People and Equipment.

We also know that huge Quantities of OIl are being leaked into the Gulf causing danger to the enviorment, People, and wildlife. Lasting Damage will be there for decades.

We know the Companies involved, and the Governmental Agencies who pure and simple failed in their jobs.

We know from our President on down that the Government can or will do little to really help with the situation, and probably not much to keep it from happening again.

We know from past experiences that even if paid for some of the damage no one will be made whole for it.

We know alot but what we don’t seem to know is that, it is being allowed to become worse day by day while BP finds a way to catch that oil.

Anyone should have been able to see from day one that no attempts are being made to stop the spill, by crushing the pipe or perminantly plugging the leak.

All of the attempts and Ideas are on how to capture that oil, right down to them inserting a smaller pipe into the leaking pipe, and that it will be all most another week before they can get a pipe hooked to syphon the oil up.

The Congress held Hearings which from past experience we should have known were a waste of time.

The President showed outrage at the problem and people.

The Coast Guard is monitoring and trying to help with the spilled oil. All which one must note while the spill continues.

We are told that all of our Government is on the job, and doing everything they can. They are going to fix the failed agencies, and see that things are better controllable.

All this being fine but that oil continued to spill while all of this was happening.

It’s continuing to spill while I am writing this.

No one is asking why they built the Top Hat, that Mini Hat, and even the insertion pipe, but could not build a pipe pinch off tool.

Blowout Preventors are just that pipe pinch off tools. A pipe is like a steel hose and can be pinched off relitively easily. It can be crushed shutting off the flow, and even the oil and gas would not have the pressure to push the closier open.

The fact that they took the time to build all these huge and fancy tools to catch the oil that have not worked, just proves the point they had no intention of just stopping the leak.

Their intentions are one thing and that is to find a way to catch that oil so it can pay for the expenses the spill caused. What better way for it to cost them less than getting that oil to pay for everything.

Had our Government fined them ten billion day as long as the leak continued, it would have been closed off in a day or two.

How many crisis’s will the Country have to endure, and watch our Government let the people who caused them off easy, while we all suffer from them.

Many!!!!!! Because we have let it get to the point where we have little to no control over our Government, and have let them cater to all the Big Money interests at all our expense.

They even failed so far to raise the liability limit to a mere ten billion dollars for all the damage this has caused. If like the Exon Valdez it may be twenty years before people get final payment if then.

As much to blame all these Companies are, none of it could have, would have, and should have happened if our Government was on the ball.

This should be looked at not as just this problem, but a systemic problem of our Government not doing it’s job. The Housing Crisis, the Banking Crisis, and this Crisis are all directly attributable to our Governments failures.

Add on the Wars, the Debt, the Deficits, the Unsustainability of many of our Programs, the Economy, lack of JOBS, Immigration, and several hundred more problems, and we have a Country on the verge of even larger crisis’s to come.

The people are great bitchers about all of these things, but then in the next breath support the Parties, Politicains, and Our Government that is behind all these problems.

Just like this spill. None of our problems will be stopped or solved by letting the people who caused them try to fix them.



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