Looking at the connection between the inner point of view and the outer world of substance, the rationalized Form creates a membrane between the need to know and the limits of perception.

Can we understand our impact on the world? Or does consciousness blind us from some greater awareness? Would that people’s brave minds bear witness to the depths of tension and tumult existentially present.

Alas, the Form creates the dysfunction amidst the market based trade-offs between rules and exogenous conditions. The argument can always be reframed. Fade to eye candy.

So when the point devolves to the exception, there’s no longer a point. Who can help it if the pixel-world is de-resolving? One person cannot unbreak the egg.

If someone thinks their point of view will save the day, that notion is also about to dissolve. Foxiopathic counterfactual balance notwithstanding.

Integrity today, obsolescence tomorrow. Computers can’t catch a break. Look around, points of view are dissolving — it is a big Pixel Crisis.