First, what you’ll notice is that the people who voted the right way on the ‘too big to fail’ bank bill included Blanche Lincoln and Arlen Specter – also involved in heated Primaries.
The third person in a primary that should have voted that way, but curiously did not was Colorado Senator Michael Bennet.
Tactically, his campaign also released an email about his plans to reform Washington and he even wrote an article on Huffington Post called
‘Close the Revolving Door’.

I was so shocked by the anger in the ‘Comments’ section concerning Bennet’s Nay vote on Kaufman-Brown, I wrote a companion piece highlighting the comments – called
‘Actions Speak Louder than Words Senator Bennet’

that specifically mentioned the comments by people who cited the Dylan Ratigan article on the Bankster Senators and Bennet’s Nay vote. (look in the comments to Bennet’s article for yourself)

Now curiously, Ratigan’s article on Huffington Post excludes Bennet’s name.

Fortunately, many other cites had companion articles citing Ratigan story,
such as this one from the Center for Media and Democracy.

Here is the Screen Shot:

and a close up – clearly listing Michael Bennet:

and here is the current article (which has been altered) on Huffington Post by Dylan Ratigan:

and the close up – notice Michael Bennet’s name is now gone from the list.

and even more Ironic, Michael Bennet sent out a fundraising letter to lobbyists and top dollar donors for a DC fundraiser, on the very same day as he put up his ‘Close the revolving door’ lobbyist article.

Notice it helpfully lists the committees he belongs to.

What is going on here?
Senator Bennet has a lot of money, but does he have the kind of influence to get a well known blog like Huffington post to alter a nationally known reporter’s story for one Senator to hide his votes?
Either way, the people of Colorado knew his name was on the list at one time and that he DID vote against the bill.

Contact MSNBC and let Mr. Ratigan know his story has been tampered with, and also contact Huffington Post as well.