Since the beginning, the scope and magnitude of the unprecedented environmental catastrophe in the Gulf has been deliberately minimized by the Obama administration.

For three weeks, the video of the oil gushing from one mile below the sea has been playing in a constant stream in the White House situation room. The White House held to the phony estimate of 250,000 gallons a day although they had visual proof that the calculation was wrong.

But, yesterday, Obama took the cake with this statement:

"I know there have been varying reports over the last few days about how large the leak is," President Obama said yesterday. "But since no one can get down there in person, we know there is a level of uncertainty."

How George Dubya of him…

You see, since no one can go down there in person, we can’t know.


Actually, there is a method that would allow for accurate measurement of the oil and gas blasting from well. Here is a much read snippet from the recent NY Times article on this subject:

"BP has repeatedly said that its highest priority is stopping the leak, not measuring it. “There’s just no way to measure it,” Kent Wells, a BP senior vice president, said in a recent briefing.

Yet for decades, specialists have used a technique that is almost tailor-made for the problem. With undersea gear that resembles the ultrasound machines in medical offices, they measure the flow rate from hot-water vents on the ocean floor. Scientists said that such equipment could be tuned to allow for accurate measurement of oil and gas flowing from the well.

Richard Camilli and Andy Bowen, of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts, who have routinely made such measurements, spoke spoke extensively to BP last week, Mr. Bowen said. They were poised to fly to the gulf to conduct volume measurements.

But they were contacted late in the week and told not to come, at around the time BP decided to lower a large metal container to try to capture the leak. That maneuver failed. They have not been invited again.

“The government and BP are calling the shots, so I will have to respect their judgment,” Dr. Camilli said."

So, the government and BP won’t let the scientists measure the leak to ascertain its true size.

The government and BP keep ascerting a estimate calculated by utilizing a formula specifically not recommended for calculating large oil spills and they have blocked those who could provide a true measurement from doing so.


However, those pesky scientists and academics have managed to gather enough evidence with the release of the video and new measurements taken by research scientists at sea to estimate a much more accurate number.

It is getting hard to deny that the oil spill is a bemouth, so the government and BP are already switching to their next set of talking points.

Size doesn’t matter…much.

We are going to be treated to a ‘debate’ about the importance of size. And, if you don’t buy that size doesn’t matter then don’t worry because they are treating the spill as if it is much larger anyway.

This administration’s actions from appointing Ken Salazaar to head up the oversight of the MMS investigation (fox meet henhouse)to the granting of environmental waivers to big oil in the midst of a moratorium , it is clear that this White House is more vested in protecting big oil then meeting its obligations to the environment and the health of the people and planet.